Mrs. Anita

 “The Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from evil spirits.”




Mr. Girish Mishra

 “Lord Jesus Christ forgave my sins and united my broken family.”




Iris John

 “The Lord Jesus Christ healed my eyes. My eye used to water all the time.”




Mr Anil

“My documents had got missed placed in the Govt. Office. We got prayed for the matter and the next day as i went to the office, miraculously I found them in heap of garbage and i could get the registration done of my auto rickshaw.”




Mrs. Prabha

 “The Lord Jesus Christ healed me from Asthma and many other problems.”




Mrs. Gomti

 “I used to be admitted in the hospital for 11 months out of 12 months. But since i started coming to church the Lord Jesus Christ forgave my sins and healed me of all my problems. Now i feel much better can enjoy with my family at home.”